Bespoke Beaded Beaded Rows FAQ

Always dreamed of longer thicker hair?

Does your hair stop growing at a certain point? Are you experiencing postpartum hair loss? What about just wanting to add length or fullness while growing your hair out? Hand Tied Extensions can give you the hair of your dreams. Hand Tied Extensions are the most comfortable, natural and versatile way to get the long hair you've always wanted. With multiple stylists certified in multiple different Hand Tied Extension methods, no matter what type of hair you have or what you are wanting, we are able to help you achieve your hair dreams.

Worried about the process?

In and out of the salon within a few hours, a custom blended color and personalized hair cut will have you leaving with confidence and joy! With no glue, heat or tape, this method leaves you with little to no risk in damaging your natural hair. Removal process is easy and painless, taking only 5 minutes.

Want to know more?

Our talented stylists are ready to give you the hair of your dreams! Apply for your hand tied extensions today to get connected with a stylist to answer any of your questions.