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Alexx Wranosky

C.C.O + Stylist

Alexx has been a bedrock of the Bespoke team since almost the beginning, joining the ranks back in 2017. As the creator of the Bespoke Beaded Row Extension method, you can guess that it is one of her specialties! She also specializes in creating low maintenance, lived-in color and provides guests in her chair with a laidback, luxury experience that is dedicated to honoring their individuality. As a member of the Bespoke leadership team, Alexx is passionate about growing artists and individuals by creating space for professional and personal growth, emphasizing personal development and mindset. When not in the salon, this free spirit can be found hiking, camping, skydiving, traveling, and reading. She loves pup cuddles, pottery, plants, the lake, and her family and friends. Alexx will provide you an unmatched experience guaranteed to impress.

Find Alexx's work on Instagram @alexxwranosky

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